Organizing For The Holidays With Trello

Organizing For The Holidays With Trello

Welcome to our special holiday webinar, Organizing For The Holidays With Trello. My name is Brian Cervino and I am the community manager at Trello. Today I want to have some fun sharing some of our favorite boards for having a stress free holiday season. If you have any questions please just enter them into the GoToWebinar question box and I will address them at the end of the presentation. I will be prioritizing any questions about organizing for the holidays first, but if we have time I would be glad to answer any general Trello questions. Of course, you can always email with any questions you have. Also, if you have any unique ways you are using Trello this holiday season, enter them in the question box as well so that I can share them. I will be recording today’s webinar and sending it out to all attendees, so don’t worry if you have to leave early. Finally, there is a handout available in the handouts section of the GoToWebinar box with links to each of these boards for you to copy and any related blog posts. So without further adieu, let’s take a look at some Trello boards!


Holiday Shopping -

Create a list for who you are shopping for. Add a card for each person you are buying a gift for. When you have an idea of what to get that person move their card to “Ideas” and add your ideas. Edit the card to description to add ideas. Use comments to ask other board members, perhaps a spouse or family member if they think it is a good idea. Drag and drop links from sites like Amazon to keep track of ideas See something in a store and want to remember it for later? Take a picture of the item and add it to a card using the Trello iOS and Android apps. Use labels to keep track of how much you want to spend on different people Keep track of the status of gifts as they are ordered, purchased in-store, delivered and wrapped by moving cards across lists.

Out Of Town Guests -

If you have out of town guests coming, ease their worries about what to do while visiting and take some hosting stress off of you by creating a board that highlights all the fun activities, sites to see, and places to eat & drink at. Create a separate list for each subject, such as attractions, activities for kids, places to stay,special events, favorite restaurants, best place to grab a drink, and more. Create another list for suggestions and questions Open JAX restaurant card. For each card add a description of the place, links to any helpful websites, as well as the address. If you link an address via Google Maps your guests can click that link to view it in the Google Maps app on their mobile device and get directions. Invite all your out of town guests to the board and work with them to plan out day trips or let them leave feedback and reviews about the things they did.

Cleaning -

Create a house cleaning boards to share with your family or roommates. Make a list for each room in your house and then add cards for each cleaning task involved in that room. Add board members to cards to assign them cleaning tasks Add due dates to cards to help everyone keep track of when the cleaning needs to get done and to provide a gentle reminder to whomever a task is assigned to 24-hours before that task is due. Finish a cleaning task? Archive the card. When the board is empty the house is clean! Since cleaning should happen on a regular basis, designate a template board to copy each week.

Meal Planning -

Create a board to keep track of your holiday dinner menu Create a list for each course: starters, mains, sides, desserts, etc. and create a new card for each menu item. Copy and paste recipes onto the cards for quick and easy reference. Drag & drop recipes from Pinterest Create a checklist on each card for ingredients. Demonstrate how a checklist and be created by copying and pasting a list from a website. Attach images from recipe for quick reference Create a grocery shopping list. Add a card for each store. Create a checklist on each card and add what you need to get. As you go through the store check off items on your mobile device. Since Trello syncs in real team, split up shopping and save time. If you already have a recipe board, and you plan on using those recipes for your holiday meal, simply copy those cards to your holiday dinner menu board. Why reinvent the wheel?

Holiday Cards -

This is a pretty simple board that allows you to keep track of who you are sending holiday cards to and whether or not the card has been written and mailed out. If you have a list already of who you typically send holiday cards to, copy and paste that list into a new Trello card and create individual Trello cards for every line separated item Assign card writing duties to your partner or family to keep your hand from cramping up!


Office Holiday Party -

Another easy board to set up this time for an office holiday party potluck. On your first list put all the important details for the party. Quickly add all of your team members in 2 clicks Create a card for each teammate and they can drag their card over to the yes or no lists They can add a card for what they are going to bring to the party

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